Your pet will always leave with a shiny, healthy coat.

Each bath is customized to your pet’s needs. Shampoos and conditioners are used based on coat type, skin condition and PH Balance. Our shampoos will not strip the coat or skin of its natural oils. 

Our Blow Drying is hands on and cage free!

We do not use cage dryers ... we are a caring hands on salon ... brushing in the sheen while drying your pet with love!

The finishing touches for a complete service.

Finishing touches include hair style, nail clipping, ears cleaned and plucked, and a spritz of fragrance if desired.

Add bows or a bandana! Voila!

All grooming is appointment based so your beloved pet will only have to be with us for 1-2 hours.

Please call us for an appointment! 603-924-1627